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Thread: 2020 New Years Goals

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    Default 2020 New Years Goals

    These were mine for 2019......
    1. Gain confidence in playing & singing in front of people.
    2. Learn more chord melodies & a little bit of finger picking.

    How did I do......
    1. Getting better. I played solos for uke groups and at church. Singing still needs a lot of work.
    2. Getting there. I learned a lot more and even wrote a couple original chord melodies.

    For 2020......
    1. Continue to work on performance skills.
    2. Be content with the wonderful ukuleles that I have. Quit looking.
    3. Retire after 40 years of pediatric nursing, but continue as a music volunteer at the children’s hospital.
    I think #3 will go a long ways towards fulfilling #1 &#2

    What are your ukulele goals for 2020?
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    Work up a song to the point where I can (and do) perform it at our local open mic.

    Record 4 songs for Seasons of the Ukulele - I finished three in 2019 then quagmired on a bunch that I couldn't complete in a week.

    Play the UBass for the group that currently doesn't have a regular bass player. I did my first group bass effort on boxing day for a small group and it went ok.

    Finish going through The Ukulele Way lessons. Aiming for a book a month, but I've got lots of room to slip that so long as I make consistent progress.

    Finish the ukulele kits I've been working on for over a year. The first is done except for finishing once the weather warms. The second may get started inside.

    Get rid of the ukuleles I'm not playing. One uke and two guitars already out, but I still have two sopranos that I'm storing but not touching and a baritone that's being replaced on Friday.

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    A bunch of us in the band are going to take the grade 1 ukulele music exam! In my case I'm going to concentrate on the fingerpicking curriculum, as although I have loads of experience with strumming, my fingerpicking is still very elementary.

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    Learn the fretboard.
    Learn moveable chords.
    Better groove my strum patterns.
    Better groove my picking patterns.
    Keep learning music theory.
    Oh, and practice with a specific goal in mind.

    So much to learn. So little time.
    There is a subtle yet profound difference between the learning of something and the knowing of that thing.
    You can learn by reading, but you don't begin to know until you begin to try to do.

    --Lou Churchill, Plane & Pilot Magazine

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    I was able to pick up the Uke almost every day last yr. I would be grateful to keep that pace up. Also, turning my love hate relationship with my metronome to all love.
    Uke with me if you want to live...

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    Wow, these are some wonderful ideas...
    Raftergirl, you've really started something.
    I guess my loosely formed goals would be to learn to fingerpick better, learn to play in lo G, learn more moveable chords, learn to sing harmony, get our trio known better, write a catchy song, and grow Ukers For Life by 2 more members and get us into more places where people need healing music.
    Oh, yeah, and finally begin to learn Spanish. There are many Spanish speaking people here.
    And finally, and not least, learn more tolerance. Get upset less.
    It's a good thing I'm retired.
    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

    Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday living.

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    I plan to keep on pluckin' and merrily roll along...

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    From a different thread
    Quote Originally Posted by kerneltime View Post
    1. Learn more songs and complete more books
    2. Go up the neck for chords more often
    3. Meet more uke players and play together
    4. Do not go over 20 ukes..
    1. Done
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Oh no..

    1. Learn more songs, finish the duet for solo book by James Hill (3 down so far)
    2. Figure out chords by ear for songs I hear, cross check. Try more variations of chords/jazz things up.
    3. Learn more slack key guitar songs
    4. Try to find more folks (varying instruments) to jam with
    5. Stop experimenting with strings and bring it down 2-3 string types (Uke logic, Worth brown, Living water)
    6. Reduce uke collection, must let go of some puppies :-( and no new uke (except for the ones for which I have paid the deposit)

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    Enjoy your retirement, Rafter!
    And, Nickie, if you find the secret to tolerance, please get the rest of the world to practice it too. I think we're going to see a big need for it in 2020. I'm sure I will.

    My goals:
    Keep playing every day in spite of increased work hours at one of my jobs. And don't buy another ukulele with the increased income. LOL.

    I'd like to have my practice time be more focused, but as long as I'm playing and having fun, it's all good.

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    In 2019 it was, "Have fun playing ukulele. Wait, I'm already doing that. So let's make that; continue having fun playing ukulele".

    Rolling into 2020 I find myself still having fun so I'm looking forward to more of the same.
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