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Thread: 2020 New Years Goals

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    Thanks raftergirl and enjoy your retirement.

    I am going to
    1. Always have 8 songs ready to play (2019 goal was 3 songs ready at any one time)
    2. Perform in public again, i havent performed for a non family/friends sober audience in two years
    3. Progress from strumming to melody playing, starting with learning some scales which i am doing right now
    4. Memorise the 12 bar blues instead of having to read off a chord sheet
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    Start playing uke again after a 5-year break.

    Buy a Compass Rose Tenor Jumbo uke from Rick Turner or a used one from a UU member.
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    Spend less time with the tabs and more with the treble clef.

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    I can already finger pick okay by ear, tabs or staff music. Where I fall apart is adding chords to my tunes and memorizin’ stuff. There’s not much I can do about the memorizing though.

    Sooo, I’m gonna continue to noodle by ear, and play stuff with tabs while adding chord accompaniment. I don’t play dots much with my baritone or my tenor guitars.

    I don’t sing very much any more because it sometimes aggravates my asthma and makes me cough. I do it or whistle when I can.
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