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Thread: Stewmac Concert

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    Frets installed:

    Back and sides stained dark brown:

    Finally, just this week I applied some Zpoxy pore filler. This is the second coat, not yet sanded.
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    Locals concert, Fluke concert, Gretsch G9126 guitulele, Kala KA-SSTU soprano, Kala-SSTU-TE tenor, Kala UBass EM-FS
    Build #1 Cheap plywood soprano kit
    Build #2 Stewmac soprano
    Build #3 Stewmac baritone (I messed up the neck angle so rebuilding it)
    Build #4 Stewmac solid koa tenor (in progress)
    Build #5 Stewmac concert (in progress)

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    Nice, clean looking work. I don't stain my woods, but here it really seems to have popped the grain nicely... Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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