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Thread: Which beginner Uke? Kala vs Luna

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    But there's the key point - a 'desperate need of set-up' for what is ostensibly a beginners brand sold by big box retailers who don't do setups before shipping IS a major problem in my book. Because you get 'what you get' from the factory.

    Luna are not the only brand to ship that way, but if you want to ship ukes in high volume, you need to get your QC right such that no matter where a first player buys (online, warehouse shipper, Ebay, Amazon) that the majority will arrive within at least reasonable tolerances. Luna in my experiece don't do that. That means people then stand a higher chance of needing to spend more money / do more work / hassle. I'd rather recommend brands that are more reliable from the off. It's all about chances percentages. Russian roulette if you will.

    And there's the thing. The likes of many other brands - Kala, Ohana, Flight, Snail, and an increasing number of others GET this now. That's not to say they get it right every time, but in my experience, their ratio of bad to good setups is far, FAR better than Luna. For similar money too. That's all i'm saying really. A Luna owner with a good one will never see the issue. My worry is the buyer who doesn't get a good one and knows there is something wrong has to spend for a fix, or worse, the one who doesn't realise it and thinks that is what a uke sounds like....

    I'm kind of cursed by seeing so many ukuleles over the last 15 years, but then the bonus there is that i've seen every sort of bad and good setup you can imagine. I gauge my recommendations mainly based on reliability and Luna have a long way to go in order to get my recommendation.

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    Not a fan of Lunas in general because of tone. They look cute but the quality is not there for me personally. Have many friends with Kalas and they sound great.

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