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Thread: 1 Year And Ain’t No Signs Of Slowin’

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    Default 1 Year And Ain’t No Signs Of Slowin’

    Wow, one year already. Time flies when your strummin’ fun. I have talked about my previous guitar experience before. I hit the ground running just like the Uke, but could never take flight. I could only manage a handful of chords and few strum patterns. I was horrid. Granted I was younger and not as focused, but the guitar was always awkward.

    Then thanks to my lovely wife I discovered the Ukulele. My life changed. It’s always something I can look forward to. It allows me to slow down, think deeper and get the best reward in my life besides time with my loved ones. I fall into a trance if I spend enough time plucking and strumming. Every day off revolves around Uke time and every trip has Uke plans involved. I constantly scour YouTube for new Uke talent for entertainment + inspiration. I watch pros hands magically float across the strings hoping to pick up any advantages I can.

    Music Theory could use some love. I try to have well rounded practices, but this first year has really kind of been about comfort too. Something I never achieved with the guitar. I’m not very flexible and I have naturally bad posture (working on both) so finding long practice session comfort has been a tad difficult. SO MUCH better with the Uke but still hard. Ironically right around the 11 month to a year point, things have begun to click. I’m starting to see the strings and fretboard in my mind clearer. The instrument is beggining to bond with my body and Mind. I know, big words from a novice player, but this little thing I love... Is starting to get better.

    That’s what I love so much, my Ukes are getting better as I do. So cool. I realize this is not a new epiphany for most, I’m just soaking the experience.

    I just felt like sharing my 1 yr joy. I’ll post some progress playing when I do my upcoming NUD on my first high grade Tenor. Kanile’a KSR Premium from HMS hopefully later this week. Yep... The last Uke I’ll ever buy

    Thanks for reading my continued fawning for this little sliver of CONSTANT happiness in a world with ever changing ups and downs.
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    Congrats! Yes I had my 2nd year anniversary recently. My how the time flies.

    My big epiphany was when I realized I was playing without looking at the fretboard while playing chords. Or at least for all of the familiar chords.
    Wow! What a difference.

    Have fun. Zen out.
    There is a subtle yet profound difference between the learning of something and the knowing of that thing.
    You can learn by reading, but you don’t begin to know until you begin to try to do.

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    Congratulations! Now you have to start amassing a large collection of ukuleles. Kidding, of course.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    Thank you for posting this. My 1st year anniversary with the uke is almost around the corner as well. When I think back how I played at the start compared to now, I actually feel slightly proud of myself which is quite rare for me. During the first few months, my progress was incredibly fast but then I hit a brick wall for a while. It was only after I decided to challenge myself and learn new and more difficult songs (and chords) and different techniques that I overcame that brick wall and started to get even better at playing. In my opinion, it's incredibly important to challenge yourself instead of letting yourself stagnate with familiarity if your goal is to get better. Also, it's never too late to start.

    The amount of different ukes I've gone through during the year is quite staggering as well. Not to mention the amount of money I've put into them. Probably best to not even think about it.

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    Congratulations on your first year! That's quite the impressive collection you've amassed in a short time!

    Jerry's not kidding, he sees promise in you!

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    I played guitar for almost 50 years before I took up the uke almost 6 years ago. In the 1st year I went through 16 ukes, culled them down to 4 and now have 9. I never touched my guitars since and gave them to my nephew. Over 5 years ago I also started playing bass uke, I'm now up to 32.

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    Congrats, i have just hit my second anniversary (it may be today). I know what you mean, ukulele just feels natural to me compared to guitar. I started guitar a year after starting uke, i really struggled with guitar and was about to give up at nine months when i had that click you are talking about and six strings started to feel natural. Now i have hurt my shoulder playing guitar through unnatural tension and posture so back to ukulele.

    Four strings good, six strings bad as George Orwell said.

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    Kibes, I join the others in thanking you for a wonderful post. I'm glad it's working out so well for you, both challenging you and rewarding you. Continued success and enjoyment with your ukes!
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