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Thread: dGBE tuning on a concert?

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    Default dGBE tuning on a concert?

    hello all,

    Has any of you tried lower tunings on your concert ? I'd like to have mine tuned to dGBE (a fourth lower) and was wondering what strings would be the best choice to keep proper tone, tension and intonation.

    Any other pitch would be OK as well just as long as its lower than average and re-entrant.

    Thanks in advance for your help, regards,

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    It's not impossible to do.
    In fact I've done it before.

    You can get the Aquila dgbe set for tenor ukulele and install it on a concert.
    Alternatively you can use classical guitar strings... probably the middle 4 strings (ADGB) to tune up to DGBE.
    If you don't want it to be low-D, then use the B string for the D as well.

    The main issue is, there is a reason why shorter scale instruments like concert aren't usually tuned that way.
    The sound gets muddy as the smaller body can't project the lower tone, and the strings feel a bit fat and floppy.

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    Thank you kissing for your kind answer. Much appreciated, furthermore because you are the only one to have done so...

    I think you're right regarding the risk of sounding muddy; I noticed that each plucked instrument has a "sweet spot" pitch wise and going below or above may not be a good option.

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    You're welcome

    In my case, the dgbe tuning didn't stay on the concert uke for long.
    I changed it back to gcea because the 'feel' of the strings was a bit too fat.
    Like trying to strum and pick on a bass guitar.

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    Get a tenor uke and put the Aquila dGBE tenor strings on it. That is nice indeed. A concert uke would be too small, I believe.

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    I tried guitar strings on a concert (DGBE), but the intonation was way off up the frets.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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