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Thread: Selling Wood on this Forum?

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    Yes, nice idea.
    Following you, and waiting for further informations about sizes, and also, price and shipping cost.
    African mahogany is first on my wishing list ...
    Living in France, Center, Loire Valley.

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    I'd suggest just starting a new ongoing thread like the "What's happening in your shed", but title it "Wood for Sale" or something like that, and do a permanent "Sticky" at the top the luthiers lounge page. (see attached)

    Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 5.38.19 PM.jpg

    A whole new link won't be as as easily viewable cuz i just bookmark this page (luthiers lounge) and never look at other pages. I presume others do the same, but i might be totally wrong.
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    Bumping this thread again to see if a moderator will consider adding a new "Wood or Supplies For Sale" thread to the Sticky area of the Luthiers Lounge....

    Maybe there is a specific process that one needs to go through to get this to happen? but I do not know of one....

    Again I think that this could be a great way to interact as a community of Luthiers/Builders....

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    I would suggest you contact this forum's moderator(s) and make the request directly via private messaging . Listed moderators are:

    rayan, Aldrine Guerrero, seeso, Kanaka916, anaka, Ukulele JJ, buddhuu, UkuleleHill, wickedwahine11

    Direct links for private messaging to these moderators can be found here:

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