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Thread: Romeo creations ST Concert - Spruce Top: First Impressions & Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsyuke View Post
    OK, this is where I get confused. if using thicker strings (tenor) on a concert scale produces floppier strings, i.e., less tension; then what does Rakelele mean by saying that lighter strings (I assume “thinner”) produces less tension?
    Sorry, yes this is confusing and not very straightforward. The thickness is actually not a good indicator for ukuleles, as ukulele strings are elastic and when they get stretched their diameter changes. There was a good thread last year that explained that is actually the mass (weight) and density of the strings that is important. That's why for the low G strings they add metal e.g. as a silver winding or copper powder (aquila reds) to make them heavier to accomplish low tones even if they are not very thick. This was the thread last year:

    D'Addario also has a cool website where you can actually calculate the tension for different types of strings and instruments. Though of course it works best with their strings and has some limitations for generic entries:

    Another factors for playing comfort is also setup. If strings have higher tension you can set them up with lower action, which may feel better for some player as well. With lower tension there is a higher chance for buzzing and slight bending of strings.
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    Thanks everyone for your helpful input! It appears that in a very broad and general sense the thicker they are the greater the tension but only if you’re comparing Flora carbon with Flora carbon strings etc., but not Flora carbon with nylon. Comparing VISUALLY A set of Pepe Romero UT2 (Tenor) with the strings on my ST Concert, they appear to be the same. The Fremont Blackline tenor fluorocarbons also visually appear to be the same thickness except for of course the low G which is wound on my ST Concert. Some of the brown worth Tenor strings (BT-LG) appear to be slightly thinner.
    I think there is some kind of a gauge tool that would provide a more accurate comparison. anyone know where I can find one?
    Because I love the sound of my Romero creations ST Concert i’m NOT Going to change the strings at least not for now.

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    P.S: I did get it that it is primarily about density and weight.

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    I'm having the same question in my mind - which set to get for my ST Concert.
    I still have a few sets that I bought to try out, but I find a higher tension set of strings works better for me.
    I have bought tenor strings (Aquilas, but have to check which ones) and they work for now (after taking weeks to settle in), but I'd like to try it with higher tension strings...
    Will keep you posted...

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