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    I inherited a banjo ukulele exactly like the one posted approximately five years ago by member waynerandal. I am seeking a source for a tailpiece and a taller nut. Any help at all is appreciated. Will be 85 years in June and my shop skills seem to be not as skillful as just a short time ago, so now admit that it is ok to ask for help.
    Thanks to all. Ed Songy I welcome direct email (if that is not against the rules), and cell calls (ditto above) @
    601 431-5899.

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    Welcome to UU Ed If you post your enquiry in the "Ukulele Building / Luthier's Lounge" sub forum here at UU, you'll have a better chance of receiving a quick response Good Luck!
    Grandma Uker Penny

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    Welcome Ed! As Penny above said, try another section of the forum...……..perhaps Uke Talk.

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