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Thread: Learning plan for a total noob?

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    Just learning chords for nothing is totally boring. I mentor some people and steer them toward very simple songs where they can practice the chords they learn. Some with two chords that have an easy change are best such as Jambalaya that just have a C and G7 chord, but maybe you can find one from MM that's as easy and more up your alley. Also don't neglect the right hand and watch some videos on plucking and strumming.

    I also encourage people to learn basic scales and melody playing when they start. This can also help if you want to learn how to read music scores.

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    Some folks like the one-step-at-a-time building approach (more my style) and others like the 3-chords-50-songs and learn the rest as needed. Coming from playing the piano on and off (mostly off) since childhood, I knew the importance for me of learning chords and progressions as a first step in approaching a fretted instrument. I'm not interested in being a strummer and hummer (singer) but have set my distant sights on chord/melody, perhaps soloing and jazz. So, for me, Uncle Rod's Ukulele Boot Camp was the perfect place to begin.

    You have lot's of choices. Whatever you choose, the most important point is to practice, practice, practice ...

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    Yes, playing with other folks is important, but it's not the end all, be all.
    Try James Hill's Ukulele Way. Of all the instructors I've been around, I've learnt the most from him. By far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Rod Higuchi View Post
    here's a shameless self-promotion plug for my Ukulele Boot Camp (see link in signature below).
    if you are a beginner may I suggest that you skip over the second line of chords in each
    Practice Sheet... for now. They will be a little more difficult to form in the beginning so you
    can skip them until you are ready

    UUer ChoirGuy has graciously created Practice Sheet videos on YouTube which you can access
    and use in your practice times. Search Ukulele Boot Camp.

    keep uke'in',
    I second and third this recommendation. Practicing along with ChoirGuy's YouTube videos make it even more fun.

    Buy the book, First Learn to Practice. If you practice right you will progress much faster.

    Find a local uke group and play with them regularly. It is a big motivation as well as good socialization.

    While learning chords and strumming is important, I would spend at least some time on the specific type of music that you enjoy most. You can probably get what you need off of YouTube. I read multiple similar recommendations here, as well as the advice to favor YouTube over book purchases. I now concur; the few books that I bought largely gather dust as YouTube is overall better.

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