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    The new bookcase ("ukeshelves") arrived today. Attached are two pics showing how I plan to use it for my three favorite (and most played) ukes. Since the house temperature and humidity are well controlled, I'm thinking only of them not getting dusty or damaged (no pets or kids at home anymore). I have the Kamaka in its case on top and the Romero and Kanile'a on the shelves.

    So two questions for you long term players and collectors:
    1. Is there any problem with their laying on terrycloth or any other fabric, and if so, what's the best?
    2. Is it necessary to have a neck rest for them?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts - and yes, we are going to get some different fabric for the dust cover front (although I am starting to like the multi-striped beach towel look).

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    I looks as though you have quite a bit of excess terry cloth for the two on the shelves. Just roll up one end for a neck rest. If it's not enough roll it around a paper tube, or a piece of wood. Like a 2x4. (Just as soft as a shelf.) I think a proper height neck rest would keep the ukes flat on their backs, and alleviate all of the weight being concentrated on the heel and edge of the back shoulder.

    My WAG is that the terry should be fine, but you might want to move them about a bit from time to time. People have said that the strap in their uke cases that keeps the top from flopping open can leave an imprint on the finish. But that's under pressure from the lid's padding when closed and the clasps secured.

    If it worries you get some moleskin polishing cloths or towels.

    Your babies look very peaceful there. Room for music underneath?
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    If I were to lay them on shelves, I wouldn't bother with any cloth, which could absorb moisture from the air, & transfer it to your uke.

    (I would more likely take out a couple of shelves & hang them by their head stocks.)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Since I'm trying to keep these three in as like-new conditions as possible, I'm still curious about the best way to store them - even if I'm not practicing/playing them every day or two. So, with the understanding I'm probably overthinking this issue:
    1. Keeping in their cases - Safe when not being used daily, but annoying to take in and out a couple times a day with the chance of banging them on the case hardware. Also, marks from inside of the case are possible.
    2. Hanging on the wall - Easy to access, easier to bump into in a small room, and sure to get dustier than other approaches. I have one like this now, but it's not for (as Kenn2018 calls them) my three babies.
    3. Hanging in an enclosed bookcase. - This could work but removing one would take more care than having each on a shelf.
    3. Laying them down on shelves in an enclosed bookcase - I thought this would be the perfect solution until Croaky Keith mentioned the cloth they sit on grabbing more moisture differently than the uke. But, since they get played almost every day and the house is humidity controlled well, I think I'll stick to the shelves. After thinking about it, I'll probably remove the Kamaka from its case and also put it on a shelf. All three will get neck support and something other than an old towel to lay on.

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    You have lots of options. You could buy a commercial neck cradle and you could just use some leftover strips of new carpet. Like most things, you could spend a lot of money or very little.

    I like music nomad stuff.

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    Good luck!

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    I'll just throw out there that ukuleles are very small, very light instruments. A neck rest to alleviate "all that weight" is not likely to be necessary.

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    Maybe you can get some sized sheets or roll of felt cloth, or even the same of some velvet from a craft store or from Walmart and then cut it to fit?

    Some red felt or red velvet might look nice with the tone of the wood on both the ukes and the inside of the shelves, and also kind of dress it up a little or even if it was black.

    Most of these are sold either by the linear foot or linear yard, and should be cheap enough to be a non-issue for most people.

    These fabrics are probably not going to do any damage, but I have nothing to back this up other than similar materials being used inside an instrument case, so maybe it is ok? I suggest you do your own research to make sure, I don't want to be to blame if it damages the finish.
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    I have an old bookcase that’s very similar to yours in size. I removed the shelves and made a rack for my ukes out of it. However, mine are in cases. My music room has a sunshine problem and dust too. It works and looks pretty well.

    My ukes are all but one made of plywood, so I don’t worry about humidity. I mostly only play the baritone anyway.
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