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Thread: Cutaway Aesthetics

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    That slant-away sop from Pops looks so cool, and I bet the tone/volume is outstanding, although I prefer the more standard rounded headstock option.

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    I compared the AO slant-away with the WOW standard bodyshape. The difference in shape between the two was much less than I thought (see photos) with the rounded part in the upper bout being cut slightly to produce the slant-away. Not sure if there is a volume difference... maybe the WOW is louder, but mostly irrelevant as both can boom. I placed the AO directly on top of the WOW. Lower bouts matched perfectly. Waist between them a touch larger on the WOW. I preferred the tone of the AO but they were more the same then different. When fingering the upper frets, the slant-away made a significant difference, essentially removing the part of the body that the hand near the pinky and ring fingers would hang up on.



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    I love the AO slant-away (Xmas tree) soprano. Really unique. What a great idea. Pops is one of the most innovative and creative builders I know of.

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