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Thread: The Cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Orr View Post
    Arnold Palmer once made a very long put to win a tournament and someone watching said what a lucky shot. Palmer replied yes funny that, the more I practice the luckier i get!
    Yep, tis true that the more you practice and the harder you work the luckier you get (or rather the luckier than you would otherwise have been). Now remember that for every Arnold Palmer there are say 1,000 other Golfers who put the effort in and didn’t make the cut into the Golf Pro life, so it’s not all about hard work.

    I’d agree that you can influence ‘good luck’ by what you do and likewise I think that ‘bad luck’ can be influenced too. However some things - actually quite a lot of things - are effectively plain random and/or just outside of our control. As a young man one of my otherwise perfectly healthy colleagues was diagnosed with Luekemia, he was dead within a fortnight and left a wife with a couple of young children. Does anyone remember 911? A lot of people lost their life that day and a lot of other people had theirs very much changed by what was an event completely out of their control. Bad stuff happens; there’s a lot in life you can’t control, so have some insurance and some money put aside for a rainy day.
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    It's pretty obvious really. It's a numbers game. On an individual level you might be able to make a difference, just in the same way that someone wins a jackpot on the lottery. By definition not everyone can win the jackpot on the lottery though, the maths tells us that. It relies on people failing with the odd successful winner. The idea that everyone has absolute control over what can and what cannot be is somewhat naive. Right skills, right time, right place -- and if you happen to be born into money you've got one hell of an advantage, it tends to give one a bit more control. Hard work in itself can be a very blunt tool, even foolish. I could work at my athletic sprinting 15 hours per day, 7 days per week but at 5' 7" I'm never going to catch even a local club sprinter. I could try but ultimately it would be a complete waste of time and effort if my objective was to be the fastest person on planet earth. I could reach my personal peak, much quicker than when I started out. Both a failure and a success. We shouldn't be afraid of either.

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