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Thread: I released my first EP called "Covers" (and some tabs)

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    Default I released my first EP called "Covers" (and some tabs)

    Hi friends! The EP's called "Covers," and it's a collection of five solo fingerstyle uke arrangements. Give it a listen if you're interested!

    1. Isn't She Lovely Orig. Stevie Wonder, inspired by Sungha Jung
    2. Pure Imagination Orig. Gene Wilder, inspired by the SoCal VoCals
    3. Neon Orig. John Mayer, inspired by Mark Polawat
    4. Light Polyphia
    5. Felicity Sungha Jung

    Tabs for everything except Felicity (it's kinda hard to tab all the nuances, but the uke is tuned in f-Bb-f-Bb for those that are interested)

    Thanks for your time! It is my hope that this EP inspires and helps people further pursue their uke-related endeavors.

    Happy playing!
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    congrats! I'll check it out tomorrow.

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