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Thread: Season 416: Fire and Rain

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    I know I did this one twice before - but that is more than 3 years ago so i doesn't count :-)
    I wanted to give it a go with the improved microphone since 3 years ago..

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    A third and last one from me. I have tried, without success, to find out what the lyrics of this song mean - it has been variously attributed to a conversation with God or to Bob Dylan's motorcycle accident, which occurred just before the song was written. I will remember it best though, as the theme tune for the wonderful "Absolutely Fabulous".

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    So, a spooky thing happened last Sunday afternoon. I had an idea for a song that Kevin (Mezcalero) and I could collaborate on for this week’s theme. I promptly wrote a quick email to him, and within a few seconds of hitting the send button I received an email. It was from Kevin - suggesting exactly the same song to collaborate on! I was somewhat dumbfounded!

    So anyway, here it is. Once again Kevin’s vocals and uke playing are fab - worth listening to with headphones if you get the chance!

    Thanks again for all your hard work here Kev!

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    I finally got one done.

    thanks for watching,
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    thank you for this week, Emma and Jas
    this, a Martin Sexton song from his Wonderbar LP
    the pictures in the clip were taken at Bruny Island, Tasmania

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    Rain, by the Beatles. I really don't know many Beatles tunes, but decided to try learning this one last night, just an easy thumb strum. That's the beauty of the Seasons (at least for me), I seek out and find new songs that I otherwise wouldn't. Nice to add them to my song list, and have available when someone makes a request. Last year, I played in a 5th grade classroom, for a bunch of new uke students. I couldn't believe it when one of them requested a Beatles song! I didn't have any That won't happen again!

    Edit: I added a new, plugged-in version, as after a few listens, I found the original rather wimpy and lackluster.

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    Default Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil (Tck Tck Tck climate change lyrics version)

    I miss you people! I decided Sunday morning I need to come back here. It keeps me playing, and learning a new song every week.

    This is the first song I thought of for this theme. We used to listen to the Oils all the time when I lived in Sydney in the early '90's.

    The original isn't really about fire, it's a cry for returning Aboriginal people to the land the white government kicked them off of.

    I thought about maybe tweaking the lyrics to be about the current Australian climate tragedy, but discovered there's already a version from 10 years ago about climate change. It's from a We Are the World sort of video, widely panned, but I kind of like it. Anyway it fits this theme perfectly.

    Sorry about the wonky sound - after shooting probably 100 videos with this one, I discovered today it's time to buy a new phone.

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    Season of the Ukulele #416 is songs about Fire and/or Rain. "Feels Like Rain" was written by John Hiatt, and also covered by Buddy Guy and Aaron Neville. I hesitated to cover it because John's version is so soulful and tasty, and it's hard to imagine getting even close to that - but eventually I did it anyway because, well, I wanted to, and, also, our fair city of Seattle just tied the January record for most rainy days. It has *definitely* felt like rain around here.

    We once saw John Hiatt play this song in a concert with Lyle Lovett. Lyle asked John, "Do you always feel amorous when it rains?" I don't remember John's answer, apart from him cracking up...

    PS, I think I said "Season 415" in the video... Ooops.

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    I've bitten the bullet and taken my first tentative step into the world of SOTU.
    I decided to go with Burn by Deep Purple...

    Cheers, Bob.

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    Welcome aboard Bob! Glad to have you.

    I spared you all the bumble bee leotard...

    Thanks for hosting Emma and Jas.

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