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Thread: Ukulele from ebay

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    I have bought several used ukuleles from EBAY. I have somewhat learned to read listings for used ukes so as to discern (with fairly high accuracy) those which were used by players who had their instruments nicely set up. So far... very happy with all my purchases. My one regret is a uke I bought new from Bruce Wei -- waaay overbuilt & dull sounding, despite several changes to different string sets.

    By the way -- I wonder why Mim stopped selling on EBAY?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellgamin View Post
    By the way -- I wonder why Mim stopped selling on EBAY?
    I don't sell on eBay just locally, but I heard from others that eBay takes a large percentage from sellers, but offers little protection from abusive buyers in return. That's why many respectable sellers don't use it anymore. So in other words, the price for their buyer protection is the loss of private and reputable sellers. I find that eBay is just terribly crowded by low cost junk, and real gems are getting hard to find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mavrakis View Post
    Yes there is a store that sells fligt flight nuc310 good?
    I haven't tried one. I'd go try it out in person, see if it works for you well. You might have to do your own set-up. We're here to help you with that!

    Amazon has some reviews, I'd check those as well.
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