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Thread: What does a side sound hole get me (sound-wise)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan D View Post
    One good reason for having a side sound port is that it can help you hear your own ukulele when playing with a bunch of other musicians. For those whose hearing is not what it used to be, this can be especially helpful.

    Definitely agree. One group I play with, they play LOUD. I mean really LOUD. Often I can not hear myself.
    As such, a side port is on my list of requirements for my next Uke.

    Otherwise, for my other three groups, not an issue.

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    Sounds logical with being able to hear your own ukulele playing better when playing with others. I'm an "alone on the couch" player, so it wouldn't be an argument for me to choose an uke with extra side hole, but I definitely have to check out the different/louder sound nevertheless. Thanks again for the answers.

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