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Thread: Season 417: original favourite country shorts

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    Another from Steve Earle

    from Queenscliff, near Geelong, near Melbourne, in Australia

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    Guy Clark drops a few names, in his song Cold Dog Soup
    and remarks that there is no money in poetry and that is what sets the poet free.
    HyperBob says: Scottish steel and Irish fire, that's the weapon I desire
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    2 little woodpeckers, and 1 funny toy hammer.
    A John Darnielle song for bitter children!
    Hope you all enjoy it!

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    An original short song about a wallaby that came to live in our backyard 2 years ago.

    Hey Worcestershire the wallaby
    You came here last year to hide under the shrubbery
    Hopping in fright when I startled you with my secatuers
    Your bad leg dangling sideways like a stick
    I called them up
    But they came here to take you away instead
    They're gonna put you down
    They're gonna put you down
    They're gonna put you down
    They're gonna put you down
    You got a little Joey in your pouch
    The wildlife rescuer said to me:
    At least we can save her baby
    But tears rolled down on my cheeks
    I wanted to save you instead
    I wanted to save you instead
    I wanted to save you instead
    I wanted to save you instead

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    An original short. Evening

    [Dm]Now the sun is [Am]sinking low
    [Dm]In the sky’s a [Am]soft, red glow
    [Dm]Birds, they all re[Am]tire to [Dm]nest
    [Am]Evening and it's [A7]time to [Dm]rest

    Evening is a time of rest
    When the sun sinks in the west
    When the light becomes the gloam
    That's the time to head for home

    I look back over my day
    At what I’ve done I done at work and play?
    If today was one well spent
    I can rest and be content.
    Geoff Walker

    I have several ukuleles in various sizes and am not planning on getting any more...

    at least, not yet.

    I also play some blowy things and a squeezy thing

    You Tube Channel:

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    Checked out the track listing for "Together at the Bluebird Café," looked over at the calendar, and I'm surprised there aren't more versions of this one this Season.

    -Ralf Youtz

    My videos are here.

    The future is unwritten.

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    day five was an absolute ripper
    kev w/ some gorgeous playing on a beautiful townes tune
    berni w/ a catchy as a cold original song (no wonder you're not sleeping brother )
    john w/ a super fun version of a Guy Clark song
    joko w/ an awesome take on Steve Earle's 'my old friend' & a clip to match
    ylle w/ a spare and sensitive instrumental arrangement of the unofficial Australian national anthem
    and dave, working his way through one of the finest live rekkids ever...
    and including in yesterday's batch, 'song for', maybe my favourite song from that set.
    yep, 4 more to go Lefty.
    righto, off to hit up the new stuff.
    thanks everyone for the week so far, the host is having a ball.

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    Another original Jon Boy.

    I'm rollin' down the highway
    In search of a home
    A teepee or igloo
    carved from whalebone

    Frank Lloyd Wright he once scorned me
    with his cantilevered heart
    Corbusier threw concrete blocks
    At me from the start

    A man needs a home
    somewhere to lie in
    a man needs a home
    somewhere to cry in

    Shank's Pony has been my friend
    for many long years
    From the Mountains of Madness
    To the Valley of Tears

    I left Southbend Rhonda
    And her Peyton Place
    She left me
    These lines on my face

    A man needs a home
    Somewhere to speculate
    A man needs a home
    Somewhere to stay up late

    Proportionally I'd got it all wrong
    The angle of the dangle
    Had skewered my song
    Little Bo Peep alone in her scene
    Sheep gone searching for the Golden Mean
    We all need a home
    Somewhere to lie in
    We all need a home somewhere to sigh in

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    These are a little bumpy darn tired but hey, it's Friday right?

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    Turned the heater on and had a heck of time staying in tune...but I was warmer.

    and here it is- last one. Really the best live record ever.
    Thanks for the fun Pancho.

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