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Thread: Condolences for a dear UU friend

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    @ Nickie - thank you for creating this thread and for your kind words. This is a very rough time for me right now and I deeply appreciate your support.

    My sisters and I are planning her funeral and memorial service as per Jewish tradition, and will be holding Shiva starting Monday next week.

    As such I am not sure I will have time to reply individually to everyone here who has made a kind and thoughtful comment, but please do know that I am honored that you have all acknowledged this event, and offered support for me here now.

    Right now your words and thoughts are very meaningful to help me carry this burden of loss and move forward.

    I would like to thank all of you for taking the time so say something here, and also offer a thank you to those who have contacted me directly either via PM or via email if I have not done so already. The past few days have been a blur and I wish not to exclude anyone from receiving my gratitude for their thoughts and actions.

    I hope to return to active participation here on UU at some point in the future, but right now am unable to make any specific commitments at this time.

    Mahalo and Peace, to all
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    Brother Booli you know you are loved and respected here. Our thoughts prayers and well wishes are with you always. Stay well my friend
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    Thanks everyone!
    I was able to speak with Booli at length today, and he sounded in a much better mood, things seemed to be going along in a normal pattern.
    He's an intelligent guy, and has a great support system with him.
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    how terrible. It certainly is a difficult time when something drastic happens to either your parents or your children so I empathize. My heart goes out to him and his family.
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