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Thread: UAS - Alive and well here!

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    Quite the good-looking extended families. You seem to be having a lot of fun with them. All I can say is: enjoy!
    There is a subtle yet profound difference between the learning of something and the knowing of that thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGeorge View Post
    I’m sorry if it’s mentioned earlier, but i got to ask, is the wall of ukes part of your families?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGeorge View Post
    OK, here is a shot of my Kala Family, and since my original post, I've also acquired a family of Ohana Spruce and Mahogany Pineapples.
    Attachment 126042

    Attachment 126043

    Sorry about the orientation of the Kala pic. I couldn't figure out how to rotate it without it being cropped as a landscape photo, and losing the top and bottom of the picture. If anyone know how to rotate a portrait without that happening, please let me know.
    That's a lot of kids you've got there! Hope they are all managing to get your attention!
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