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Thread: StewMac bottom warped

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    Default StewMac bottom warped

    I bought the StewMac Concert kit. This is my first ever uke build.

    The top is nice and flat (to my eye at least). The bottom is visibly warped. I began the clamp dry run for the bottom braces and there is a large gap for the longest brace.


    Should I try and flatten the bottom first or hope clamping to the bottom braces flattens it out? I tried placing heavy books on top of the bottom on a flat surface and leaving it overnight, but that didn't work. Any tips appreciated. Thank you!

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    Welcome to UU!

    I have never seen or built a StewMac kit myself but I wonder if it might be an arched back? I don't know if these kits come with flat or arched backs. I can't really tell from the photo because I have never seen a StewMac kit in person.

    I'm sure that there soon will be others responding, who actually have experience assembling these kits.

    If you think it is warped you should return it for either a refund or a replacement.

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    I think Ms Bean is correct re. arched back.
    I had a look at the instruction booklet on the Stewmac site, and while it doesn't specifically say "arched back", the illustrations showing how the braces are clamped differently on front and back would suggest that this is the case.
    I think the back braces are cut in a curved shape, so that, when glued as instructed, it's the braces that arch the back.

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    I built one. It has an arched back. The braces are preshaped to put the correct amount of arch in the bottom. Clamp at the ends of the braces.

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    I looked at the back braces again and I believe you are all correct -- the back is meant to be arched. Thanks for your help!

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    I built one of their kits, it does have a arched back.

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    Thanks for posting this. I’m building one of there baritone kits and they don’t mention the radius braces. It’s odd that they would go to the bother of arching the back but don’t taper the sides at all.

    Still, a great kit for the price.

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