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Thread: Season 418: The Way We Were

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    I went back and looked at week 79. Ah the memories...
    Back then, I covered Bob Seger's Against the Wiind, a song where the man sings of his love, Jenny.
    Now, I'm courting a girl by the same name. COvering another Bob Seger tune seemed appropriate.
    Heck, it's always appropriate to cover Bob Seger.

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    Thanks for hosting Ylle! I'm joining Jon here on this Darrell Scott song; "With a Memory Like Mine" I really dig Jon's vocal performance on this one! Cheers~

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    A country hit for George Strait from 1982.

    lyrics for Ylle:

    Nickels and dimes memories and wine
    She's on his mind once again
    The same old stool the same old fool
    Played by the rules but didn't win
    There's an old love in his heart that he can't lose
    He tried forgetting but he knows that it's no use

    He's got a fool hearted memory
    It won't let him see that she walked out the door
    He's got a fool hearted memory he sits patiently
    Here every night so it can fool him more

    She was his girl his only world
    That string of pearls that slipped away
    A thousand dimes a thousand times
    He doesn't mind what they say
    He fills the jukebox then plays that same old song
    He fills his glass and then he turns her memory on
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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    This song brings me wonderful memories to a fantastic Travesty Duo, Mary & Gordy, who where very famous in the 80s in Germany.
    I hope, my translation is good enough to understand the meaning of this little song. If not I would be thankful for translation help.
    Best greetings from Bavaria.

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    I'm not sure how far around the world The Wombles went, but for any Seasonistas who are totally in the dark...The Wombles was an animated children's show in the 1970s, about an extended family of furry creatures. Their purpose in life was collecting up the rubbish on Wimbledon Common, a park in London. When the theme tune (The Wombling Song) was a hit, its producer, Mike Batt, decided to go all out and produced a series of hit singles, allegedly by the creatures themselves. This is one of them. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

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    Hello again, Ylle! When my boys were little, in addition to reading them bedtime stories, they always had their "moon" songs ... namely, "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" and "Shine on Harvest Moon", without which they could not possibly go to sleep - a fond memory for this week. I found a brilliant version of "Shine on Harvest Moon" by Leon Redbone (who has become my new hero) and there is also a lovely version by Laurel and Hardy. The hat and sunglasses are worn in homage to Mr. Redbone.

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    I dated an Angie back in 1976/77 so this is a personal memory song for me, I met her at her sister's (a work colleague) wedding reception. I remember the bride wandering up to me and casually saying "why don't you ask my sister for a dance". Anyway, that first dance was to Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell, I'm fairly certain I've never danced to it again since.

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    It's Thursday and the playlist is up to date again. I really appreciate that you have brought so fine and memorable songs to this Season. It's another moving, informative and entertaining week in the Seasons. Thank you and keep on playing!

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    I'll give this one a try...Photographs & Memories by Jim Croche. Another one I'd never have learned if not for SOTU, thanks all! When I first heard it, I thought: wow, what a pretty song.

    The uke is my $43.00 Kmise tenor, with Aquilas, tuned to Bb.

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    When I was a boy, this serie from the 1960s jumped from the USA into German TV. Warm memories.

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