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Thread: Unusual beginner question.

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    Hi professir, I would 2nd a blem from Mim or another reputable dealer. If you have played instruments before then you know you get what you pay for. In the uke world please look at the $200-$300 range, otherwise you will be disappointed with the action.

    If you are a picker then the linear tenor may work. For a strummer, concert or soprano.

    Happy hunting and let us know how it goes

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    OP said he played mandolin, so scale is probably not an issue. Mandolin and soprano ukulele are about the same scale. He will probably be perfectly comfortable with a soprano.

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    I needed to sell a uke to pay some bills. a friend came over and tried my Anuenue, Kanile'a, and a Pono that cost half of what either one of those two cost. When my buddy tried them all, I was amazed that the Pono (cedar top with macassar body) sounded even better than those. All of a sudden I was nervous as he said he enjoyed the Pono more and would take it....

    It was good lesson for me. They are all great instruments, but what one hears from the instrument while playing is not necessarily what is projected from the instrument. When visiting a shop, ask the owner or salesperson to play it for you. It might open your eyes (and ears).

    God bless!

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