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Thread: Resonator Ukulele

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    Question Resonator Ukulele

    Does anyone recommend the Gold Tone Resonator or should I be looking at another manufacture?

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    The standard for factory built resonators is the National Guitar Company. They make the National Resophonic brand Ukulele. I have their all metal Style 0, and two of their wood resonators. All of them are excellent instruments. That's the way to go.
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    There's a Facebook group for resonator ukes that I follow, and one member (Daniel Wesley) says that the new Gold Tone Curly Maple reso uke is fantastic.

    " I have two of these in tenor scale. These are without question the best built and best sounding production resoukes on the market anywhere to be had. I fall short on words to explain how superior these are. If Gold Tone would have had these out several years ago, my choices and purchases along the way would have been very different. Including the purchase of a resouke at a $3,450 custom price point."

    They carry them at Uke Republic @ ~ $350.

    There are of course better reso ukes available, but those start at $1000 or more.
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    Picked up one from Amazon, when the price suddenly dropped (had been watching for a while). Concert body, tenor scale. Made very well, like it as a contrast to a Kala (set up with a low G) which I prefer for some of the lively pub tunes we play, using the Gold Tone (high G) for the more subtle stuff. Certainly was a great purchase.
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    I had a Gold Tone that I got from MIM’s a few years ago. It was heavy but loud. I sold it and now really regret it
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