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    I play Guitalele but find the fingering a little tight. So that made me think of a Requinto Guitar. Maybe a little more finger space. But when I check the specifications of a Requinto, they seem to be almost the same as my Yamaha CS40 and Aria A 20-53 Guitars except the Requinto has different strings. So now I am thinking that I could restring one of my short scale guitars and have a Requinto Guitar. Requinto tuning would put my guitar the same as a Guitalele, A to A.

    Am I lost on the above or correct? Would the guitar with the Requinto strings sound just like a Requinto Guitar? What are your opinions and/or experiences?

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    It depends on how much you willing to spend, and the kind of music you want to play. In my case it's primarily music from the Renaissance and Baroque period.

    I recently purchased a used Esteve 6008 Requinto all solid wood guitar with a 535mm scale, 52mm wide fretboard, and a really large body. I have retuned it E-E with the same Romero Creations strings that came with my DHO 6 String. It's easy to play and sounds crazy good.

    Every time I pick it up, I cannot keep myself from giggling and thinking how lucky I am to have this instrument.

    The extra width of the fretboard makes a huge difference in playability.

    I still own my Romero Creations DHO 6 string and a LaMancha Rubi CM-53, which both have a 530mm scale, but the Esteve is my hands down favorite.

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