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    Hi all,

    For the last year or so Iíve been failing to learn to play. Recently though, Iíve had quite a big operation. So while Iíve been recovering all I can do is sit still and strum. Needless to say my playing has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks. This has really renewed my enthusiasm. It turns out Iím better at it than I thought. (Thatís not to say Iím any good.....yet.)

    Iím really looking forward to getting even more stuck in. Iím starting to feel like a musician now. Instead of an ape abusing a ukulele.

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    Welcome BroBirkendude!

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    Welcome BroBirkendude!

    I lent my Enya Nova travel ukulele to my Mum to distract her while she is recovering after a knee replacement. I thought it would be a good idea to learn a new skill whilst you're limited re movements.

    I'm pleased to read that you're getting better! Building the practice and establishing a daily routine will make for noticeable progress!

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    Welcome to UU

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    Thanks for your welcomes folks, you seem like a friendly bunch.

    Sorry to hear about your mums I’ll health Ms Bean. I hope she recovered well.

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