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Thread: Flight TUSL-35 Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukecaster View Post
    Sounds good. Lots of volume. These are now showing up on Amazon in the US for about $50.00, with free delivery in only a couple of days with Amazon Prime. I want a black one! The 36.5mm wide nut and 30.79mm string spacing at the nut sounds right up my alley.

    One other feature I like is the fact that the plastic frets are painted, and thus much more visible to the player than unpainted frets, as seen on other plastic fingerboard ukes, including Fleas and Flukes. No need for painting plastic frets with Sharpies here.
    John, Union Music in selling Flight ukes. Just FYI.


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    Thanks E. Yes, I saw a Flight sop there recently. I was hoping to see some Martin ukes there, but it seems they don't stock them anymore. Just Kala, Makala, Gretsch now, too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziret View Post
    Mine arrived with the action so high I couldn't measure it with a string gauge. That affected everything else. I contacted Flight and they said they'd send a new saddle. They didn't, at least not yet, and it's been 3.5 weeks. I only had 30 days to send it back, so I quit waiting for the replacement saddle a couple of days ago. I still like the soprano version, but I think this one may have some kinks in production that need to be worked out.
    The replacement saddles arrived today, but they weren't for this uke. One was clear, uncompensated, and thin. The other was white and compensated. I had just mailed it back to Amazon, so no way to check if they might have worked.

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    Oscar schmidt has a line (basswood) that looks almost exactly like the non-L, TUS version- headstock and bridge are the same, abs body and wood tops with cutesey etchings (birds, dolphins, butterflies, blah)

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    Interesting thread. I was surprised it's 2.5 inches longer than a soprano. My old Kala long neck would fit in a soprano gig bag okay. But this has almost 3/4" longer scale than my Kala.

    So far I'm liking mine. I've got used to the nylgut strings and I'm in no hurry to swap them out. Mine came in at 2 mm at the 12th fret, so on the lower end of good, but makes for easy fretting, if a bit low for finger picking. It came with untensioned strings and I really noticed the tuners are stiff, but not too noticeable once it's settled in and will be fine (until I do a string change). Maybe they'll get better in time? I like most details except the weight. I'm used to featherweight sopranos, so it feels a bit brick like when I pick it up. Probably similar to other plastic ukuleles though.

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