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Thread: 2 concerns with No. 2 tenor build -size and kerfing glue job

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckBarnett View Post
    When I built my first instrument I felt that I should do as much as possible from scratch.
    I totally hear you and I've felt and done the same. But my attempts to make my own have been disappointing enough that I'm happy to buy it. And I was reading not long ago about Charlie Hoffman (guitars) who has been in the business a long time, and finally said heck with making his own linings, saying in effect "not worth it!" Not that I'm trying to convince you or anyone not to do it and I'm sure there have been plenty of people that have made perfectly satisfactory linings.

    And furthermore, it's for all these things I've moved to solid linings anyway, which I'm really liking. :") But that said, my favorite kerfed linings from a place called "Bow River" came back in stock so I've ordered some. It's the nicest kerfed lining appropriately ukulele sized that I've been able to find anywhere, so I didn't want to miss out on getting more.

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    As long as it doesn't move with a gentle poke of the finger then all is good - you don't want it vibrating and making weird noises.

    Just my opinion, but you could make those blocks a fair bit smaller, they certainly are meaty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetalumaRescuke View Post
    Grestch did not use kerfing on their Sopranos. The one I have seems to hold up well, as have others I have seen.
    Do I understand you to say that the tops and backs are simply glued to the sides without any additional lining/kerfing glue surfaces?
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    checked again, Yup no kerfing Can't tell how thick the sides are, trap tests might indicate it is thicker than a 30s Martin.

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