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Thread: not exactly your father's ukulele

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    Default not exactly your father's ukulele

    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

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    Thanks for the link, Nickie. I find most pipes (including the uileann pipes) to be one of the most stirring instruments on this planet. Of course, I grew up in Nova Scotia, where bagpipes are regularly featured at almost every special event. The annual Halifax parade still contains numerous pipe bands representing communities from all over the province. No doubt, for some, the sound is a bit overwhelming. But even as a child, I found the pipe music to be an emotional experience; the sheer power of all those musical vibrations in the air would bring tears to my eyes. They still do, on the rare occasion that bagpipes appear in Oregon. :-)

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    Always been a fan of Highland Pipes, & for quite a while also Northumbrian Pipes, so I guess any pipes really find their way into my ears easily.

    P.S. I'm on another forum that shares space with these uilleann pipes, maybe of interest to you.
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