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Thread: Bonanza Ukuleles Homestead Baritone - REVIEW

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    I should've read that first. Apologies, and fair play to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pashmeister View Post
    On the subject of waste, banging the environmental drum here, how much wood is wasted in the production process of these ukuleles as opposed to conventional top+sides+bottom manufacturing?
    I might be totally wrong - I don't make my own- but surely a lot of wood is wasted by routing out 2 pieces of solid wood rather than slicing thin layers off?
    Valid question. I have done it both ways. Truth be known, not a large amount of difference.

    We all need to be environmentally conscious. How do I attempt to be a responsible steward of the earth? I walk to work. I may get in a vehicle twice a month. Seldom drive more than 20-30 miles in a month. I use a composting toilet. I don't fly across the ocean to go to ukulele festivals. Yes I attend one a ways away each year.

    I wrestle with this all the time. We each must do the same. Maybe I am justifying it to myself.

    PS: I have no problem with you asking the question.

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    When you look at how our modern world air ships, and boat ships and trucks freight EVERYWHEREt, I can’t see CNC milling locally sourced wood as being a big thread. I like the fact that Bonanza are trying different things with the Uke and with different building techniques. I’m looking forward to playing and perhaps owning a Homestead tenor. I thought the Oreo was pretty cool! Thank you Bonanza for being different.

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