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    I have one of my custom P2 tenors, Marcy2, for sale. I'm not much of a salesman so I was hoping that folks here wouldn't mind the lack of slick professional photos and such in exchange for lower pricing. This is my first sales attempt on the forum, so here goes. If this goes well I will have some others for sale in the future.

    Top- X-braced Engelmann spruce
    Headplate, back and sides- Oregon myrtle
    Fretboard, bindings and 12 pin bridge- Ebony
    Neck- Alaskan yellow cedar
    Aluminum position markers
    Evo gold frets
    Gotoh UPTL 4:1 tuners w/ ebony buttons
    Solid laminated hand-carved poplar linings
    Two-bolt neck attachment
    Oil varnish satin finish
    Clear pickguard
    17" scale
    Nut (1 1/2") and saddle (1 5/8" string spacing)- bone
    Hardcase and strap

    This is very similar to the ukulele Marcy Marxer uses on several of the songs from her current Yahoo recording with Cathy Fink. Marcy's top is Alaskan yellow cedar and the fret markers are different though. I don't have any recordings of this ukulele but it's very similar to Marcy's. I'm asking $2200.

    These photos were taken with my iPhone and I couldn't get the tone quite right. The myrtle is not as warm in real life but the detail is pretty accurate.
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    Hi Ken, I was unable to open the attachments. You may try using the add photo function. It looks like a tree in a square frame. Good luck with the sale ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mezcalero View Post
    Hi Ken, I was unable to open the attachments. You may try using the add photo function. It looks like a tree in a square frame. Good luck with the sale ~
    Thanks Mezcalero, I did use that add photo function and it worked initially but then it stopped working. So give the edited post a try. More photos with that link. Hope it's okay. Not only do I have iPhone photos but I have a 12 year old computer.

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    Cool looking uke!

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    Links to photos work fine this morning. Your photos are perfectly good. They show the uke very well.

    Awesome looking tenor. But not a good time for me either. GLWS.
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