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Thread: Pigeon Tree Ukulele African Blackwood

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    Quote Originally Posted by kookoolele View Post
    Yes. I think they are pretty amazing. HMS has been bringing in a lot of really special customs lately. They just uploaded a new Petros about an hour ago. Still, I think these Pigeon Tree ukes really are something.
    Wow. The Petros ukuleles are the only thing I've heard that compare with the Pigeon Tree ukes. If any ukes are to 'die for' those two brands are!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtoe View Post
    I picked up Spring

    I had been eyeing Summer as well from HMS's vimeo. When I opened HMS yesterday, I think it was Fall and Spring that were left. As I was thinking about it one sold. That gave me some encouragement to pull the trigger for Spring.

    I had been itching for a new uke and think it will complement my Ko'olau CS Myrtle very well. Can't wait for it to come in. I'll post something once it gets here.
    "Spring" is back for sale on the HMS site. Is there a backstory here that you can share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow21 View Post
    "Spring" is back for sale on the HMS site. Is there a backstory here that you can share?
    And it's STILL available...
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    Any idea why “Spring” is still available?

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    I got a couple of private message and realized I should have updated everyone one the main thread.

    I have not been logging in that much in the last few months and didn't see any of the updates.

    So, I had to let the Pigeon Tree go. After sleeping on it a couple of days and talking to my wife, it just wasn't the right time to make a purchase like that for us. We were refinancing the house at the time and had some last minute travel for family. Money was just going out to too many places for me. Anyway, I had been eyeing African Blackwood for awhile and this one looked and sounded so great, I jumped on it. After we decided it wasn't the right time, I knew if it had been delivered I wouldn't want to let it go so I canceled it before it was shipped. So unfortunately I have not played it, but it looks to be a fantastic instrument and I'm sure anyone who picks it up will be very happy with it.

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