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Thread: Worth Brown Strings

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    Default Worth Brown Strings

    After hearing so many good reviews here, I purchased
    not one, but three sets of WB BM strings , because there are postage costs might as well stock up.
    Iím surprise how much I donít like them. I have tried them on Ohana mahogany concert, Famous/Kiwaya laminate soprano, KoAloha opio soprano, Pono gloss Mahogany concert, etc. The only uke thatís working out is Ohana sopranino.
    I think the strings make all of the ukuleles sound the same, but itís not the good type. The sound was one dimensional, a little muted, and it takes away the uniqueness of different ukes. One good trait I can say is the sound become very balanced.

    I have not seen people disliking WB yet so what have I missed out?

    (btw I like Martin 600 and living water the most so far)
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    In following threads, I figured that the BM were to do exactly like you described. I have just put my first set on a soprano that was "too bright" and it gave me a mellower sound. All the other sets on both concerts and sopranos, I chose Worth CM or Living Waters and a Fremont Blackline as I usually like the brightness that they bring.

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    I think it has a lot to do with your preferences, as well as the wood. I have a spruce top KoAloha Opio that I bought with Worth Browns, and I think that if it had fluorocarbons on it, it would shatter every window in the house. By far that's my loudest ukulele. So the browns mellow it out.

    I'm still going to try it someday...

    But, it sounds as if you are a lot like me, and that you like fluorocarbons. I like the bright, clear sound they tend to produce on almost all ukuleles, and in my opinion, they really save some laminate ukuleles from being too dark.

    My main strings are Martin M600 and M620 (depending on ukulele size), but I also like Living Waters, Worth Clears, and Oasis strings. I have even played on Seaguar Blue fishing line.

    I also like the Aquila Sugar strings (but it sounds like Mimmo continues to play with the formula).

    The Worth Browns are fluorocarbon, but they are more than that. They have a texture in addition to a mellower sound (in my opinion).

    If I were you, I'd ask if anyone had unopened Worth Clears that they would swap with might just cost some postage.
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    I don't know that you missed anything. I like them one only one of my ukes, while other ukes in the house have M600s and Aquilas. Once I have a string set that I like, I don't experiment anymore. Maybe other people that like them also like them on 1 or 2 instruments.
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    I placed Worth Brown on my Spruce Top Kala Tenor. It gave it a warm, mellow sound that I prefer over the bright, loud, almost ‘tinny’ sound that it had.

    BTW, once upon a time I was a Beverage Development Technologist.
    There is a difference between California and Florida orange juice.
    One is deeper, Fuller, ‘juicier’, the other, brighter, sharper.

    Which is better depends on one’s preference.

    And since it has been more than three decades, I don’t remember which is which.

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    You always want to match the right string to your instrument and, yep, it's mostly trial and error until you hit on the right combination. I just removed a set of Worth Browns from my Kala Elite Koa Limited tenoróbasically they sucked: thick under the fingers and dull and lifeless sounding. They're Kala's recommended strings too! Seaguar Pink really sings on it with a D'Addario composite wound low-G. Oddly, I like the Worth Browns as treble strings on my Romero Creations Parlor guitar...

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    I use Worth Browns on all of my instruments. I just like the sound on my various ukes, and therefore stick with what I know pleases me.
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    Is there a difference between Worth browns and Worth clears other than color? Is it that browns are warm and clears are bright?
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    I use Worth clears on a Kamaka, Koíolau CE-1 and Fluke tenors. I use Worth Browns on a Kamaka 8 string tenor. The clears were too tinny sounding on the 8 string.
    Worthís take about a week before they will stay in tune for me.

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    I agree with Choirguy. I have Worth Browns (+ a Fremont soloist Low G) on only one uke, my Kala spruce-top tri-back tenor.

    I favor clear fluoros on most of my other ukes, but every set I tried on the spruce top made it overly bright (almost brash). Enter the Worth Browns... love them on that uke. They balance well with the Fremont Soloist wound Low G.

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