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Thread: Coronavirus discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkimura View Post
    While spam may not cure covid 19, it can make you feel better. Take two a day with some okolehao.
    To paraphrase an old joke....

    Happiness is a can of Spam, a bottle of wine and a 🐶 dog.....
    To eat the Spam

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    It's getting worse and worse lately, I am so tired of this virus and all that's going on... I hope the vaccine will be there soon. I am also looking for some good and helpful vitamins or maybe supplements for better immunity. Do you take any? I found something interesting on Canada drugs, for example, and I would like to try those out soon. Thank you in advance for your replies here
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    I'm so proud of Floriduh, we're #1 in cases! Woohoo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charre View Post
    It's getting worse and worse lately, I am so tired of this virus and all that's going on....
    Our daily count (Ulster County) is going up every day. We're back to where we were at the beginning of August. The fatality is 3.0% in our county and 3.9% across the river.
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