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Those Zoom meetings/classes can be a challenge - especially when someone forgot to put on their pants. :-)

Things have shaken out differently for me than I expected since I started this thread. The job that seemed to be on hold revived itself online, so I had the learning curve of some of the technology as well as how to try to do the job online, (which is a very hands on job, so I'm glad they attempted to keep us employed, anyway.) The 2nd job that I thought would survive is gone, though.

Back in person now instead of online for the remaining job, which is easier in a lot of ways, though not safer. COVID rates are climbing again here, I assume post-holiday. Hope we don't have to shut down again. 2nd week back in person, I was exposed to COVID, but fortunately, all my PPE layers did a good job of keeping me safe. But it was very unnerving.

After the initial shock of it all, adjusting to all the changes, endless webinars and Zoom meetings as we tried to figure out how to proceed, (or that we couldn't proceed in the case of the job that didn't survive), I'm back to having more time for ukulele. I can't say that I have done much other than just play to keep myself happy as possible for the last several months, (which is still a good goal), but am resuming trying to learn new things now, and working on improving technique for the "old" things. So, not as much accomplished as I had hoped when things first shut down, but these are unique times for sure.

Attending an on-line concert tonight, (David Bromberg's 75th birthday event), which will be interesting. Not sure what I think about an on-line concert, but it's Bromberg, so I bought a ticket and hope to enjoy it. The times have changed, and this is one way to support musicians.

Off to play ukulele now. :-)
I broke a tooth and had no choice but to go to the dentist. A week later I got a call that someone who had been in close contact with me had tested positive. UGH! I felt like a leper! I did not develop anything luckily . . .

Going to go dig my ukulele out . . .