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Thread: Martin S1 Owners: strings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astein2006 View Post
    By the way what’s on your sk-28? I have an sk-39 with browns.
    Ha! After following this thread, I was just contemplating swapping my 600s for 605s on my SK-38.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astein2006 View Post
    How were the poly guts different in terms of sound? I’m not concerned with feel. I come from a guitar background so I’m used to tension and the strings biting into my fingers. I also have a vintage Martin style O with m600’s which it sounds great with. But I’m sure it would sound great with anything on it. But I’m curious on the poly guts in regards to real world sound differences. Especially from you who has had experience with both the m600’s and polyguts on the same instrument.
    The polygut sound is a little warmer. But not muddy like the nylguts and their various incarnations.

    And, for what it’s worth, I have polyguts on my SK-28, too
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    Just swapped out the Worth Browns for Martin M600 on by recently purchased S1. Too early to tell, I'll wait for the Martin's to settle, but so far I prefer the Worth Browns, but like I said its too early to tell. Stay safe everyone.

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