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Thread: New Ukulele Underground Discord Server

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    Default New Ukulele Underground Discord Server

    I want to invite you all to our new Ukulele Underground Discord server.

    This forum is now 13 years old, and though she has served the ukulele community well, she is tired and needs a break.

    Discord is a realtime chat platform that is free to use. There are apps for it for every device and you'll be able to talk and post pictures and even voice. chat with your fellow UU members in real time.

    All you need is to click this link and create a discord profile.

    The forum will stay up, but honestly, discord is a much better place to hang out in this day of smart phones and tablets. The mods and I will get it set up just like the forum so you won't miss much from here. I hope to see you all in there.

    Rayan, What you are doing?

    I give up with my PM box, just email ryan(at)

    YES Mahaloz!

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    I also frequent a VW forum, they recently changed formats from something very similar to UU, maybe check it out, it would be better than discord for sure!
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    Not sure how Discord server is an improvement. All the topics funnelled into one thread? No thanks

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