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Thread: Welcome back UU

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    The bulletin board forum concept—the model I prefer, but I'm a geezer—is a child of the 1990s and younger posters may find it antiquated and unfamiliar compared to the social media and instant messaging they grew up with. Witness the many forums that have faded into the cyber mists in the past few years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayan View Post
    I can understand why those forums have shut down. Its a challenging thankless job keeping a forum up not just for me but for the mods as well who deserve most of the credit. I'm looking at solutions but they all seem to cost more than what we're paying now. I have no immediate plans to shut down the forum, but it is something we've been debating because its been a challenge to keep up for the last 5 or 6 years.
    I get it. It costs money and time. Time is precious.
    I appreciate my years here. I'll be sad when the forum closes down.

    I've already deleted the Discord app.

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    As a casual member who only drops in every once in a while and who never knew I was supposed to donate money, I have no business telling anybody what to do. I have certainly been in situations where I was spending a lot of time and cash for other people to have a lot of fun and, yeah, I ultimately started to resent having to be the moneybags and everything else. Thank you for keeping this going for such a long time. I cannot afford to fund you, and I accept that this means you may not be here when I "drop in" again next week or next month. I'm a little curious, however, as to why you aren't just moving to Facebook, a platform with which many people here are probably already familiar.

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    Thanks for running this forum for all these years. I agree with the comments that it seems like a thankless job and a money pit.

    I’ll give Discord a chance even though I’m initially unsure about its functionality. If it’s a choice between Discord and nothing, why not give it a chance before checking out altogether? But if it was Facebook, I wouldn’t bother, so maybe others know something about Discord that I don’t. Nothing to lose, and if it just doesn’t gel, I’ve freed up some spare time for more playing.

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    So what would it take for UU to be self-sustaining? I think there is a perception that the forum is supported through ad revenue and being a "VIP" isn't necessary to keep the lights on. Obviously that is not the case, but I don't think think that is "common knowledge".

    I wonder if a new revenue stream would help. Perhaps a crowdfunding site like ko-fi or gofundme would gain more traction than the VIP program?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    So what would it take for UU to be self-sustaining? I think there is a perception that the forum is supported through ad revenue and being a "VIP" isn't necessary to keep the lights on. Obviously that is not the case, but I don't think think that is "common knowledge".

    I wonder if a new revenue stream would help. Perhaps a crowdfunding site like ko-fi or gofundme would gain more traction than the VIP program?
    The UU Forums need a Patreon!
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    Like others here, I am grateful for the work you've done to provide this forum. The knowledge that has been captured here is a tremendous resource for the global ukulele community. It would be a shame to lose it.

    Am I correct that there are several different issues here? From reading this thread it seems like these are the problems. Please correct me if I'm wrong, since I am only writing this to seek clarification:

    1. It costs too much money to provide server space to host the UU content archive.

    2. The current bulletin board platform is outdated and cumbersome to maintain; you want to migrate to software that's easier to work with.

    3. You don't have enough qualified people who volunteer to be forum moderators.

    These are all fixable problems but it would be difficult to tackle them all at once. What is the one most pressing immediate problem, and how can we help to fix it? You are not alone here.

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    I just joined Discord just now and I too don't see a chat service as the way to go. I have an account with Flea Market Music and looking it over, I'd rather go there than Discord. From day one of my membership to UU I became a VIP, worth every penny, for now I'm sticking with UU and wait to see where it goes.

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    I signed in to the Discord site and must say, I much prefer the forum format where I can catch up on each topic at my leisure. The chat format seems like a mishmash similar to the running chat on a bald eagle site that I used to follow. It was chaos.

    Having said that, I do appreciate that volunteers keep these forums running and time and money become an issue. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this site.

    I have never had a clue as to what it takes to run these forums, so am one of those who has blissfully and cluelessly enjoyed the site without thought of supporting it. I can see value in some kind of suggested contribution that would keep things going. If the kind of funding that is needed, can't be supported by the members, that would be problematic. Are forums simply not sustainable? I am a techno-idiot so I don't have any constructive ideas. But I would miss the postings if they disappeared. Let us know what is needed. Thank you again.


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    I have no interest in a live chat group. I’m here specifically for this forum.

    A forum can be a relaxing place to check in and follow topic, threads, posters we’ve come to know. Live chat is a completely different concept. I feels completely different. It’s not moving to a better structure. It’s like closing a neighborhood hamburger stand and opening a art gallery for hamburger paintings.

    Being retired I can’t afford anything more than a token sign up fee.

    Perhaps uke related businesses can become sponsors although this may be a very tough time to ask them to step up. What is happening to a store like Uke Republic based in a mall must be frightening. I hope places like HMS or Mims can do well based on the need for a stress reducing hobby of playing and buying ukuleles but for many here now is not the time to buy.

    With the current crisis situation I feel now is a terrible time to bring this up. I don’t really know what the behind the scenes is like for you. I do appreciate, very much, that this forum is here and that based on your posts it must be time consuming and possibly very annoying to keep it here.

    Being brought up at this time makes it seem that there must be an emergency threat to its existence. Is that the case?

    Cutting off a dynamic group experience in this time of social distancing, job loss, recreational loss, gathering loss, uncertainty, would be a real blow to active members be they readers or posters.

    The large data base seems to be the most discussed aspect. Can that be managed to be less of a problem?
    Possibly split off and archive posts and threads that are old to be maintained as a seperate entity? Are there other things to be tried? I don’t even know if this is a silly idea.

    Again, thanks to all who have worked to maintain this safe and very usable space. I really appreciate it.

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