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Thread: Love Yourself in DGBE tuning

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    Default Love Yourself in DGBE tuning

    Hello! I recently bought my first Ukulele and chose a baritone one, because I enjoyed the sound of it and thought that as someone with a deeper voice it would fit my singing better:

    So I'm starting out tuning my uke to DGBE, learn a few easy chords, like G D Em C, and how to strum them, looking into some of the music theory behind it and generally enjoying it so far. When looking a bit into fingerpicking I stumbled across Ukulele covers of the song Love Yourself by Justing Bieber and wanted to try it on the bari.

    I looked up these chords: transposed them down 5 halfsteps and found that the first line sounds nice.
    G then D then Em, picking all four strings, then the E string again and then stopping all with the palm. Repeat for all chords.

    So far so good. On the second line it wants me to play: Am G D, but the Am chord (2 2 1 0) just sounds wrong there and I cannot figure out why. It sounds too deep. I know transposing down can ruin the sound of chord progressions, but I figured even if that's the case, there must be a fitting chord to play instead. I found that G D and Em can be found in the C major or G major scale, so I tried chords that fit into them, but without success.
    I know it's nothing I just focus too much right now on, but it's bugging and kind of demotivating me that I can't seem to play it on the baritone uke, while it seems that on a tenor uke it's as easy as playing C-G-Am Dm-C-G

    Could someone of you nudge me in the right direction to solve this? Please excuse if I'm saying anything stupid, I don't know better so far, but I'd gladly learn more!

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    Ukes "voice" chords differently in linear tuning (like your baritone) vs reentrant tuning (like you're tenor - I'm guessing).

    Your Am 2210 chord is really Am/E. So if that sounds weird in your context, and you want the A root note, then just leave off the low string x210
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