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Thread: Season 425: The Idiot Box

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    Theme from "The Wire"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelGriff View Post
    So.... here’s Del doing Delboy!

    My uke's had three new necks and four new bodies!
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    Hello, Andy! I have a feeling that this BBC sitcom from the early Eighties will never have made it across "The Pond". It was a quirky comedy of middle-England, about a day-dreaming housewife, played by Wendy Craig, who exercised her appalling culinary skills on her boringly conventional dentist husband and two unemployed - and unemployable - teenage sons, whilst searching for something better in her life. This turned out to be the suave and enigmatic Leonard, who never quite managed to seduce her. I hadn't realised till today that the song was actually written by Dolly Parton.

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    Z-Cars was a BBC TV drama series of the 1960s and 70s centred on the work of mobile uniformed police in the fictional town of Newtown, based on Kirkby, Lancashire - a suburb of Liverpool. The series differed sharply from earlier police drama. With its less-usual Northern setting, it injected a new element of harsh realism into the image of the police portraying the police working in one of the rougher areas of a major UK city.

    The theme for the series was an instrumental arrangement of the traditional folk song "Johnny Todd". I've actually sung the song here.
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    Apologies for the brief interruption to Andy’s fine season, but I’ve just posted the wrap for Season 424. Thanks!
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    I don’t think it’s been done but from an old British Show called Danger Man I found this gem in the opening credits. Secret Agent Man on Banjolele And Soprano Uke.

    Trying to have fun.


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    The shelf life of my comments about what we play is probably not good for two separate forums, so here are our offerings this evening.
    And I hesitate to post this seeing Wee beat me to it, but

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    Thanks for hosting, Andy.
    This is the intro/theme song for The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, which I actually watched on YouTube around 2012. Here is my cover, with some paintings of the host and a few other paintings that i did in my visual diary back then.
    A lot of what the show was about was Ferguson making fun of the celebrities who went on the show or flirting with the female guests, told stupid jokes, stuff like that. But on a few occasions he got serious and talked in a more honest and sombre tone, like when he gave an eulogy to his father.
    If you want to watch it just watch that one I think.
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    Great theme Andy, and while I would love to bring Cheers as well I may not be able. Anyway, this is from a UK children’s programme of the early 70s I think. Funny but you google most things these days and there will be a wiki link for it, but not for this TV series as far as I can tell. Your mind plays tricks on you over the years, I thought this was by Rod, Jane and Freddy, but that was Rainbow ( there you go Seasonistas, your starter for 10 ) . No, this show was presented by Maria Morgan and Keith Field. It was just them two, Keith played guitar and they sang various children’s songs. You can still find clips on the Tube of You. They sang this at the start and the end of the show. It was written by Lionel Bart, Tommy Steele and Michael Pratt. Here is A Handful Of Songs...

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