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Thread: VIDEO- Arm Bevel Routing Tips

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    Default VIDEO- Arm Bevel Routing Tips

    The first of 4 or 5 videos on arm bevel stuff

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    Firstly, I must say that it is a very brave move to take a router to such a cracker of an ukulele at this stage of its build.
    I would need a tranquilizer (or two) washed down with something tasty before attempting something like that. The only arm rests that I have attempted have been glue-ons, where I can do all the shaping before committing to the instrument.

    Please consider posting a few stills of the finished instrument (for eye candy indulgence).

    The only similar issues that I have experienced with router cut quality, have been due to chip and dust entrapment. I happens (to me) when routing slots and trenches, where the particles can not escape quickly, spinning around the bit and being cycled through the cut multiple times.

    With a bevel cutter, the blades at the lower parts of the 'V' are covering less ground and hence, are simulating a slower cutting speed. This combined with the possibility of particles being reflected upwards by the nearby bearing (entrapment and re-entry), could create a similar scenario.

    I realise that 'depth of cut' dictates where on the cutter you must work, but it could prove interesting to try a slightly bigger bearing and work a little higher up the bit. This will increase the speed of cut fractionally and move the bearing out of the equation.
    It will, of course also give a shallower entry/exit curve that you may not want.

    Apologies if I am mindlessly regurgitating stuff that you are already aware of, but apart from this, I have nothing else to offer.

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