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Thread: Sharing Message from Ukulele Magazine

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    Default Sharing Message from Ukulele Magazine

    Below is a message from Ukulele magazine. If you enjoy this publication, they are seeking support through a special subscription offer. I have no connection to the magazine, I'm just passing along...
    Hey Friend,

    We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe at home. We here at Ukulele are adjusting to working from home and, while we miss seeing each other around the office, we’re grateful to have so much to keep us busy. Because in times like these, we need stories and we need music.

    We are working as hard as ever to give you the information, instruction, and inspiration you expect from us, both in print and online. But we need your help.

    In the seven years we’ve been publishing it, Ukulele has never been profit-making. This has always been a labor of love and now, more than ever, we’re relying on our global community of readers to show us some love.

    One way you can do this is to purchase our new All Access Subscription: You’ll get a one-year subscription to Ukulele magazine PLUS a download of our archive – every issue we’ve ever published, including the Summer 2020 issue which is brand new this week. That’s a $227.67 value, yours for $99.99 today. This offer is good for new subscriptions and renewals, too. Click here to make your purchase.

    Many thanks for your support of Ukulele. We need it now more than ever.
    Your Friends at Ukulele
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    Done. New Subscriber. Thanks Eddie.

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    another vote of support and confidence
    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    ( )

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    I extended my subscription for 3 more years, last month. So, if I want past issues, I'll have to buy them individually.

    It's an excellent magazine.
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