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Thread: Great luthiers?

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    I've got loads of Rob Collins' ukes and love them. They are playable and the tone is fantastic.
    Barry Maz of Got a Ukulele has reviewed his ukes and concurs with me.

    What I like about Rob is that he was trained as an engineer and he loves the challenge of listening to people and building ukes to whatever specs they can imagine.
    I grew up in the states near Route 66 and he built me a solid body electric uke with the exact same proportions of that old US Highways sign... He actually found the historical highways design guides and used them as guides!

    Rob is currently finishing another double neck and it's mad and brilliant.

    Having said that, I also love love LOVE my resonator uke from Sven Nystrom (Argapa Ukuleles) but he rarely takes commissions as he's a full time architect and his time is limited between his amazing family and work.

    Just thought I'd share since there's not loads of women speaking up here nor ukuele festival organisers (I'm both - I'm GNUF in case you wondered).
    I love my ukes and I love the whole uke world.

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    I second that maryagn3s, I have a Rob Collins soprano that is the cream of my (smallish) crop!
    Soprano is what does it for me every time!*

    *Other Scale sizes are available and very popular with many players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Moa View Post
    I live in Finland so Europe is the easiest for me.
    I'm looking for a tenor scale ukulele mainly for jazz and latin/Spanish style playing in the range of 500-1500 euros.
    Spanish style/Latin ukulele benefits from a fuller sound. I recommend Romero custom.

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    I'm going to give a shout out to Shane Heighway in Finland, just got a cedar and myrtle tenor from him and could not be happier. A quite beautiful instrument.

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    Gotta give a shout out to Steve Doreen of lone tree ukuleles. Got my mutt from him in March 2021, and haven’t put it down since. The mixture of woods throughout and in the details like the rosette is incredible both in looks and in sounds. I feel like it opens up more and more everyday and it has become my regular player and my favorite uke. Everyone who sees it is awed by the looks and the sound.

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