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Thread: Ryobi resaw bandsaw bs50n

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    Default Ryobi resaw bandsaw bs50n

    Looking for replacement blades 72.5 x2”

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    If you're using it for resaw, you can get something like this in 72" or 73" standard sizes, or pay a bit more for a custom 72.5".

    It works just fine for resaw despite not being 2", but similar options exist for custom-length saw blades from other vendors if you decide to go that route.


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    thanks for the info, really useful.

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    In such case I think I would just look for another one to be honest. Or at least that's what someone in experimented like me would do. To be honest though, the last purchases that I made related to tools, I actually really researched the topic before and after seeing the options on the market I really looked in-depth to every one of them. I just bought a miter saw and I think I might have spent the last couple of weeks reseraching. A really good site where I found some nice tops and comparisons is Tools and Goods, it really put the market's offer into perspective and helped me visualise what needs I had and what expectations.
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