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Thread: Hybrid ? half uke half geetar ... Baritone geetar

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    Default Hybrid ? half uke half geetar ... Baritone geetar

    I got this yesterday and moved the strings across ,discarding the high "e". and replacing low E witha 53 gauge roundwound ball end bronze.

    With standard strings it would only tune like a guilele , A to a ( Tenor ,been there sold it,nice machine but messes with the head chord wise) I want standard E to e tuning. Now I don't like baritone ukes because I don't quite get them. To clarify, I don't hate them but I cut my teeth on a soprano 50 years ago and then added guitar and other instruments as I gracefully (not) aged.

    So my viewpoint is that as mellow and nice as a bari sounds it's a 3/4 geetar. No basses to bounce off. This is a half size classical guitar ,about 21 inch scale and a 1 3/4 inch ish nut. So ,I believe I have the best of both worlds. Bari sized transportability,standard guitar and two bass strings. I'm like a pig in the smelly stuff. This is a recording I did for SoTU 427. A cover of Byron Ferrari (Brian Ferry) version of Amazing Grace (It's actually nowt like it his is brill
    ) Any pointers on geetar or choon gratefully received.

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    Glad u like it. 21" scale should do fine for E-to-E. I dont like going longer than 19" scale and prefer G-to-g there, with A-to-a for 17" scale. Since I havent played real guitar in decades, I try to pretend my 6-strings are all in A-to-A so I can use uke chord names and shapes. But I confess to having to keep "unlearning" that pesky guitar knowledge from my misspent youth.
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    I have gone sorta full circle. We kids never really took the uke seriously back then. It was a strum box and I don't think there was anything other than the soprano at the time. Moved away gradually from the uke and having only dabbled over the decades and gone back to it in the 90s found it had moved on. I am a soprano strummer first and foremost in the uke and though I have had a concert or two, I prefer the geetar and other strung objects like Greek Bouzouki ( though that is CFAD and has to be thought about) and Chicago tuned tenor banjo for melodic playing. Mainly because I can accept the soprano chord shape with no problem on a sop...but anything else ooops. cheers

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