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Thread: Suggestions for Ukuleles for areas of Challenging Humidity

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    Default Suggestions for Ukuleles for areas of Challenging Humidity

    I am considering making some changes to my stable of Ukuleles given I travel a fair bit and keeping everything humidified particularly during the winter keeps a person busy.
    I would appreciate suggestion for ukuleles that have good sound, tone and projection that would require little or no humidification.
    What are your thoughts?
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    I'm impressed with HPL (High Pressure Laminate), as used on many of the cheaper Chinese made ukuleles. I've got a soprano and a tenor, bought from AliExpress, and they are both very decent instruments - and were very inexpensive.

    HPL is different from what we usually think of as laminated wood (three-ply). It is more like the stuff used for some kitchen work surfaces. It is impervious to extremes of humidity, and very resilient. Well worth considering.

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    Outdoor Ukeleles are supposed to deal with extremes of heat & cold well too.

    Also Magic Fluke are well liked by a lot of people.
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    Martin OXK for a somewhat higher end hpl ukulele and Flight TUS35, ABS and linden laminate, at the other end of the cost spectrum.
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    Good suggestions for HPL and plastic ukes so far. The Enya HPL ukes are good quality especially for the money but they tend to me on the quieter side. The Martin OX series is basically the only HPL uke I've seen that has really good volume. The Flight travel series is an excellent mostly plastic uke, especially for the price. If you want something a bit higher quality and US made you can check the Magic Fluke ukes which have a plastic back and sides and often the fretboard as well. I have two of them and they are superb.

    If you don't fancy plastic or HPL you could always go for a higher quality laminate. I struggle with humidity in my home as well and I have a Kiwaya KS-5 on a stand, never in a case, and I've had no issues with it (disclaimer: I do have a room humidifier but the humidity still does vary quite a lot in my house). Any of the Kiwaya Eco or Student series ukes are excellent quality anyway even though they're laminate.

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    You might want to consider something from Magic Fluke. Their Flea comes in soprano or concert, the Fluke in concert or tenor. Base models for both are laminate, and the rest of the body is some kind of ABS. Sound great, project well, easy to play, excellent intonation, nearly impervious to humidity swings. There are always used, if you want it, through Reverb or eBay, and some dealers carry them in-store. You can also order them direct from Magic Fluke ( if you want something custom.

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    Add Blackbird to that list if you have some extra money lying around! Kiwaya laminates are my favorite bang for the buck though
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    I would second the vote for a Magic Fluke. I have the concert fluke, and love it.

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