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    Default Virtual Band Opportunity...

    Last week I created a virtual band "THANK YOU" video for healthcare workers ( Next week I'm doing one for all essential workers. I'd love for you to video yourself playing this part and send me the video! If you do, be sure to do your video landscape (so turn your phone sideways). The only music on your video should be your ukulele, so be sure to wear earbuds and listen to the video while playing.

    The easiest way to get your video to me is to use and send it to .

    I need all videos by SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2020.
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    I was going to do a bass track until I heard your track, oh well.

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center
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    I watched the video, and I can't do it. I can neither hear the words nor melody clearly, nor get the rhythm of the lyrics. I get the bass just fine, though.

    Lead sheets work better, with the chord name over the lyrics, especially if you want people to sing along.

    I don't generally do videos on a phone, but rather use a Surface Pro (1st Generation) or a Zoom Q2N as the recorder. I'd have to figure out another way to listen to the audio track. (Maybe from a Kindle Fire?)

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