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Thread: triads on acoustuc guitar

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    Default triads on acoustuc guitar

    Hi all

    I am progressing my learning largely from you tube. I have had shoulder issues so although i learnt to barre chord well i have now had to stop.

    I have seen quite a few electric guitar videos where they play 3 string chords up the neck. Largely this is an adaptation of the CAGED system. eg playing A as xx765x (alternative to the 5th fret barre A) or using the C7 finger shape to play E x7685x

    I prefer the 4 string versions myself.

    (excuse any typos, i can play it but hard to write down)

    Does this sound good on acoustic guitar as opposed to electric? it certainly doesn't sound good on my laminate parlour which has a nasty jangle on the high notes, but i have just bought a solid 000 online and was hoping it would sound better on a more resonant instrument.

    (very excited about NGD although it is a second hand instrument off an online auction. My parlour sounds great fingerstyle but horrible strummed with a pick).


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    I have played guitar for many years and never was able to play those partial chords that require muting of strings with the left hand though this is essential for jazz. With your A example you would mute the high E string with the index finger and the low E and A strings either with pinky or wrap around thumb. Very difficult for me. Barre chords are much, much easier.
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    I play a lot of triads, mostly because I love 90s ska and it definitely sounds better on acoustics/electrics over resonators (though there’s something to be said about that raspy resonator vibe when you want it).

    It took a lot of practice to not hit the other strings when strumming, but then I started getting into uke and found myself just using my fingers on guitar as well and that makes everything way easier (accuracy-wise) once you get used to it.

    Especially when it comes to wider jazz chords later where the bass bite is played on the E string but the A is so often skipped.

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    thanks for the comments. I have short fingers for my height so i can only use thumb to mute the E but not the A. I am able to bend my B string to mute the high e but cant quite imagine muting the A. Would you pick the E and just skip the A for a strum like a boom chick?

    I am getting better at 2 and 3 string barres which overcomes a lot of my problems. Having a properly set up guitar is really helping!!!! Higher up the neck, past about the 7th fret a full barre doesnt seem to hurt my shoulder, so i have a good range to work with. thank you
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