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Thread: Tune a Guitalele E to E like a guitar?

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    Default Tune a Guitalele E to E like a guitar?

    I know a guitalele is "suppose" to be tuned A to A, just like a full size guitar with a capo on the 5th fret. But can a guitalele be tuned E to E like a regular guitar?

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    Definitely doable with a baritone scale guitalele - 19" or 20" scale. For 17" tenor scale, my opinion is "no" E tuning doesn't work unless you're willing to do a reentrant tuning where the bottom 3 strings are tuned an octave higher (with appropriate strings of course)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    I have tuned my D-VI E to E, using classical guitar strings. It is based on a tenor scale. It does work, but the tension is too low to be comfortable.

    There are string sets that are set up for a 19" scale length.

    G to G is another tuning, you can try.

    I keep coming back to A to A because it is not E to E. You can deal with it at several ways:
    1. You can play it as a transposing instrument using guitar arrangements that will sound a fifth interval higher.
    2. You can play it just like your GCEA uke without touching the low strings.
    3. You can play it A to A, with the middle C at fret 5 of the G string and the open C string, which is a C4 note. This moves the centre of gravity of the music to get a completely different voicing to what you get on a guitar. And allows you to put some of the treble parts into the low ADG strings, which you might not do on a guitar.
    4. You can play it A to A, with the middle C at fret 3 of the low A string. This is a C3 note and moves the music down a whole octave. Giving another voicing option for your music. So you might play most of a tune on the ADGC strings and leave the high E and A alone altogether, sort of the reverse to playing a tune on a guitar on the DGBE strings. Because it is ADGC, it does not sound too low.

    So I think keeping the piccolo guitar or guitarlele in A to A tuning is better than trying to tune it E to E, it is voiced in a higher part of the musical note range, much closer to human voice than the E to E, and offers some interesting voicings and options if you take the time to arrange the music to take advantage of the voicings.
    I got round this A to A on my ex Kala guitarlele by selling it and buying a half size classical guitar and restringing it .Ditching the highest string and starting with what was the "B" string and using it as the high E and so on. The bass E is a roundwound acoustic guitar string. So far the thing plays nicely,the Classical Guitar Police haven't paid a visit and it only cost about £34.00 and that's 70 squid cheaper than the Lunar Baritone 6 er......which has some poor reviews. The reason for changing the strings was that the half pint would only tune G to g comfortably on the ears and although it would happily do A to a it was far too tinny sounding. Plus I obviously wanted E to e.

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    Certainly. The Cordoba Mini M strings are available for A or E tuning and are good to play and listen to.

    These are dedicated strings made by Aquila for the Cordoba Mini but Aquila also have "E strings set" for any guitalele.
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    I see guitarleles with 21 and 23 inch scales. What strings are appropriate for them, assuming extended gcea tunining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poul Hansen View Post
    Certainly. The Cordoba Mini M strings are available for A or E tuning and are good to play and listen to.
    yes, with other strings it’s possible, I did it myself

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    I've tried tuning my mini E-E, but while it was OK, it's just not great. Currently I am using Daddario EJ27N 3/4 strings tuned to G-G, and it sounds way better. The best part is that these strings are very inexpensive, around $5.00- $6.00 a set.

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    I spent years trying each and every string set to tune my gretsch guitalele E to E, with no satisfying results. Nonetheless, it is possible with the five last strings of any set plus an extra low B string tuned to E. Or, even better, you can purchase a Pyramid string set for 7 string guitar and skip the first e string : you've got six strings from B to b that you tune a fourth higher, from E to e; the thicker gauge compensates for the small scale. You may have to tweak a little the slot at the nut to accomodate the thick B string but if you're careful enough its no big deal.
    Hope this helps,

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    On my 20" baritone-sized Pono, you can tune E-e using the D'Addario hard tension strings that come on it, or better yet, use the D'Addario extra hard tension strings.
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    I should also mention that I liked the Daddario EJ27N 3/4 strings so much I purchased another 6 sets, because my Cordoba Mini was living in my car, and getting a lot of playing time whenever I got to work early, or when I was waiting while my wife was shopping. Then the Pandemic hit, I was furloughed, locked down at home, and my car just sits in the driveway.

    So having all those sets of Daddario EJ27N 3/4 string, sitting around, I threw a set on my Esteve Requinto guitar that has a 535mm scale. What a pleasent surprise. They sounded really good tuned E-E, and produced a nice balanced warm tone. Also they are about 1/3 the cost of the Romero UG2 strings I had been previously using on this guitar.

    Meanwhile the Cordoba Mini is languishing in the closet waiting for better times.

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