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Thread: Attaching the strap at the headstock

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    Well, I'm going to assume the question is actually about guitar since it's in that subforum.

    For guitar I find running the strap to the headstock pushes the body further to the right than I like. I mount a button on the heel of the neck when I get a new guitar.

    I'm sure it's totally a matter of preference.

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    I don't have a leather tong/toggle on my headstock, so when i have my strap at the headstock, the strap comes back at me at an angle so that it slightly gets in the way of my fretting hand. That is if playing comfortable style with thumb over the neck. Just enough to annoy me without actually interfering. Classical style with thumb behind the neck is fine, and i imagine that toggle would give a good break angle to put the strap out of the way.

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    When I was toying around with mandolin I used a 72" rawhide bootlace as a strap. Will probably to the same with my uku.

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